• Disanthrope

    Disantrophe is the solo project of Anna Helmersson, where the human condition is the primary source of inspiration. An electronic exploration of sonic lust, where observations of lonliness and longing translates to a soundscape pulsating synth sounds, minimal beats and cryptic voices.
  • Konstantine Fioretos

    He has been equally at home with scores, modern electronics and modular systems, always finding interest at the seams of usually antithetical styles of music. His current work breaks the barriers of what a modular system can be, looking to replicate styles like jazz and contemporary orchestral music by probing at the hidden opportunities inside obsolete MIDI sound devices.
  • The Swedish Soundpainting Orchestra

    The Swedish Soundpainting Orchestra - live Soundpainting is a sign language for creating improvised performances within a group of artists, musicians, actors etc. Developed by composer Walter Thompson in the 70's, the language is now used by hundreds of groups around the world. Don't miss the performance by Sweden's only Soundpainting Group! www.tsso.se
  • Rytmiskonsekvens

    Rytmiskonsekvens - live Rythmic and almost ceremonial multiinstrumental group improvisation. https://soundcloud.com/rytmiskonsekvens
  • Mads Emil Nielsen

    Mads Emil Nielsen - live A flirt with vintage electronica. Immerse yourself in a collage of sound! http://madsemilnielsen.dk/
  • Human Rays

    Human Rays - live Experimental electronics and mutant techno. https://soundcloud.com/human-rays
  • PIL

    Pil (DK) - live Telma Pil delivers raw to organic soundscapes, noise, pulse, bass and soft vocals packed into something soothing. https://soundcloud.com/pilpilmusic
  • Ekolali

    Kosmisk Väg presents Ekolali - live Music for space travelling. https://soundcloud.com/ekolali
  • Skeppet

    Kosmisk Väg presents Skeppet - live Electronic mantric kraut rock with the local psych heads Skeppet! https://skeppet.bandcamp.com
  • Helltown Acid Militia

    EMC Presents: Helltown Acid - live Rapid leg movement is kind of mandatory (or just natural) when hearing these two gentlemen play their machines. Henrik Bengtsson (Nimam Spregleda) & Paul Barker (DinSync) connects legendary acid machines between themselves and you all know what to expect.
  • Five o’clock Traffic

    EMC Presents: Five O'clock Traffic - live Slow power synthetica from the BÖRFT universe. Five o'clock traffic continues to sequence his music in search for a sublime expedition into the heart of synthesizers and drum machines. This live concert is presented by EMC - Electronic Music Community, a organisation for promoting electronic music in Helsingborg. https://www.facebook.com/pg/EMChelsingborg/
  • Maria Faleborn

    Substantiv presents: Maria Faleborn - dj set. Her fabulous mixes of contemporary techno brings your dance shoes to the afterparty! This dj set is presented by Substantiv, club organiser and promoter of dance music culture in Lund.
  • Coldnose

    Funeral Fog presents Coldnose - live Local noise and electronic label Funeral Fog proudly presents one of their newest artists in their catalogue. This being Coldnose. An artist from Malmö, now based in London, who uses various electronic gear and her voice to take you through a hypnotic live set.
  • Offworldcolonies

    Under Molnet presents: Offworldcolonies - Live In the corridor between ambient, experimental and techno we find Offworldcolonies. Is that a field recording? Is that a synthesizer? Or both. Whatever it is, its good! https://soundcloud.com/offworldcolonies
  • Härdstedt

    Under Molnet presents: Härdstedt - Live Deeply hypnotic danceable music, aka techno. https://soundcloud.com/hardstedt
  • Jon Eriksen

    Näktergal presents: Jon Eriksen - live Rythmic noise and melancholic electronica http://joneriksen.com
  • Arcfields

    Näktergal presents: Arcfields - live Minimalistic and hyper-focused ambient music. https://soundcloud.com/arcfields
  • Leda

    Näktergal presents: Leda - live Sofie Herner and her noisy, fever dream guitar frenzy. https://ledan.bandcamp.com/
  • Ymers Pizza

    Ymers Pizza - live Maria Bertel (Selvhenter, etc...) is a danish trombone player who uses her instrument to a wild extent, creating a massive wave of sound. Hold on to your hats and witness a performance to be remembered. Photo credit: Peter Gannushkin