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Eter Festival

For the second year, Little Finger and Kulturmejeriet presents ‘Eter Festival’.
A 12 hour showcase party and presentation of new, strange and beautiful sounds.

The Hidden Sound

The Hidden Sound

The Hidden Sound

The south scandinavian area is the home and workspace of many talented music artists. One of the ideas of this festival is to create a composition of what is heard in the hidden spaces of our cities.

The Eter Festival’s music program highlights the underground artists of the local electronic and experimental music scene. Drone to Free Jazz, Electronic space music and modular synth extravaganza to hypnotic techno.


Photos by Laimonis Brakss and Little Finger

For The Producers And The Nerds

For The Producers And The Nerds

In addition to live music, Eter Festival presents a workshop and demo program with the makers and users of electronic music gear – sharing knowledge to promote new artists.

During the afternoon, the venue transforms into a bazaar of electronic instruments, fx pedals, records and much more.

Line up – Eter 2018

Joana’s Hair / Medi Duo / Segerfalk / Lucatelli Wainwright / 10000V / Pearlcorder / Karl / Ljudvägg / Elin Piel / Ninoosh / Loljud / Body & Guts / HLLW / Lois Nygren / Ascorbite / Albin & Mika / Clara Leivas / Max Solca / Christian Björklund / Magnus Borgkvist Johansson / Hund / POWWOW / Analog Sweden / Teenage Engineering / Ableton / Tremolo / Escape From Noise / Din Sync / Liquido / Antites / M422 / Inuti

Line up – Eter 2017

Mads Emil Nielsen / Human Rays (live) / Konstantine Fioretes / Leda Jon Eriksen / Arcfields / Five o’Clock Traffic / Helltown Acid Militia / Pil / Ymers Pizza / Rytmiskonsekvens / The Swedish Soundpainting Orchestra / Disantrophe / Skeppet / Ekolali Carl Mikael BjörkBrita Björs / Din Sync / Jespha Galore / Rickard Daun / Olof Melander / Funeral Fog Records / Under Molnet / Näktergal / EMC / Kosmisk Väg / Substantiv / Offworldcolonies / Härdstedt / Maria Faleborn / Coldnose / Joakim Cosmo