Eter 2017

The previous festival

Created and destroyed in 12 hours – Eter Festival 2017 was a full-on spectacle with live music, workshops and showcases of the scandinavian underground. Thank you all for a wonderful festival and huge thanks to Mejeriet for all the help and hospitality.
All good photos by Laimonis Brakss

Eter 2017 was made by Little Finger, Mejeriet and the performances, workshops and collabs by these lovely people:

Mads Emil Nielsen / Human Rays (live) / Konstantine Fioretes / Leda Jon Eriksen / Arcfields / Five o’Clock Traffic / Helltown Acid Militia / Pil / Ymers Pizza / Rytmiskonsekvens / The Swedish Soundpainting Orchestra / Disantrophe / Skeppet / Ekolali Carl Mikael BjörkBrita Björs / Din Sync / Jespha Galore / Rickard Daun / Olof Melander / Funeral Fog Records / Under Molnet / Näktergal / EMC / Kosmisk Väg / Substantiv / Offworldcolonies / Härdstedt / Maria Faleborn / Coldnose / Joakim Cosmo

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