Eter Labs!

Some say that the high quality of Scandinavian music export is due to our terrible weather.
Instead of hitting the beaches we hit the studios and create weird and wonderful sounds.

Eter Labs is a collective and creative venture into bedroom production of music.
A close look at some of the tools and instruments forming the scene today.

Eter Labs is sprung out of Eter Festival, an annual showcase party for local electronic and experimental music.

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For the nerds...

Yeah, how do you really work with side-chained compression, mastering your stuff for vinyl release or patch up a nice polyrhythmic bassline on your modular?

Eter Labs will be a hub of  knowledge with workshops and talks!

For the nerds...
and newbies.

and newbies.

Coming to Eter Labs doesn’t require you to have any experience in music production – at all. Just a keen interest and curiosity of learning new ways to express yourself.

There will be plenty of workshops and talks for beginners!

Gear Market

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